SSRC Chronicles: September 2016


The Social Science Research Center will hold its annual Open House October 27th at 5:30 p.m. The event will take place in the Courtyard of the Mississippi Technology Center in the Thad Cochran Research, Technology and Economic Development Park.… Read the rest

SSRC Spotlight: Jennifer Alberson

Jennifer Alberson serves as the Project Coordinator for the Operations Unit of the Mississippi Alcohol Safety Education Program (MASEP). MASEP provides educational classes for first-time DUI offenders in over 50 locations across the state. She has worked for MASEP and… Read the rest

SSRC Spotlight: Hasna Khandekar

Taking on her third year at Mississippi State as well as her third year working at the Social Science Research Center, Hasna Khandekar has accomplished a lot with her strong work ethic and dedication. Khandekar began work at the SSRC… Read the rest

SSRC Chronicles: August 2016


Dr. David Thompson, Special Assistant Vice President for Research, visited the Social Science Research Center on August 15th. During his visit, he spoke to many project directors and researchers about their research and discussed how the Office of Research… Read the rest

SSRC Spotlight: Chelsea Ellithorpe

When it comes to research, there is more to the story than just the ideas, Social Relations Collaborative lab manager Chelsea Ellithorpe said. It’s more about the people and their backgrounds.

“That’s what I’ve seen at the Social Science Research… Read the rest

SSRC Chronicles: July 2016


On July 15th the SSRC’s current research assistant Gina Rico Mendez successfully defended her dissertation for a PhD in Public Policy and Administration. Her dissertation titled “Governing the Rurals: Food Security and Governance in the 21st Century” develops a… Read the rest

SSRC Chronicles: May/June 2016


Dr. Sherri C. Smith, Associate Vice President and Dean of Undergraduate Studies at Marshall University, visited the Social Science Research Center and met with the Pathfinders research project team members (i.e., David McMillen, Ty Abernathy, and Nell Valentine) in… Read the rest

SSRC Spotlight: Dustin Brown

In his first year as a Research Fellow at the SSRC and an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Mississippi State, Dr. Dustin Brown is excited about the opportunity to work in a collaborative environment.

Brown completed his undergraduate and… Read the rest

Graduate Research Assistant Opportunity – August 2016

The Mississippi Water Resources Research Institute and the Social Science Research Center have initiated a new project in nutrient reduction measures. This is an EPA funded grant to collect data, examples and success stories about using social indicatorsRead the rest

SSRC Spotlight: David May

Born in Florence, Alabama, Dr. David May is grateful that he has over two decades of involvement with the Social Science Research Center and is excited to be working on his current project with the National Institute of Justice School… Read the rest