Kathleen Ragsdale PhD

Kathleen Ragsdale PhD

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With support from USAID, CDC, NIH, USDA NIFA, and UN Women, among others, Kathleen Ragsdale uses multimethods to inform interventions and evaluations focused on socioeconomic development, gender equity, food security, and risk reduction among vulnerable populations in Belize, Botswana, Costa Rica, Ghana, Mozambique, Panama, U.S., Virgin Islands, and Zambia. She is Gender Impacts Lead for the Feed the Future Soybean Innovation Lab, Gender and Youth Engagement Lead for the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Fish, and Director of the Gender Impacts Lab, Social Science Research Center, Mississippi State University: https://genderimpactslab.ssrc.msstate.edu/

Dr. Ragsdale's work is supported in part by MAFES.