Bradley Long

Bradley Long


  • Research Staff


  • Project Manager

Bradley Long is a Project Manager at Mississippi State University’s Social Science Research Center (SSRC). He holds Bachelor of Arts in Modern & Classical Languages & Literature with a concentration in Spanish, a Master of Arts in Public Policy and Administration. Bradley’s recent work includes curating social media and outreach efforts—such as developing child developmental health promotional content for Mississippi Public Broadcasting—for the Child Health and Development Project: Mississippi Thrive! grant, which was funded by the Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA). Bradley is currently working to improve and provide support for childcare providers through the Quality Support System (QSS) project, funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, and Project ECHO for Childcare Providers, administered by the SSRC, the University of Mississippi’s Graduate Center for the Study of Early Learning (GCSEL), and UMMC. Bradley has also worked as a Bilingual Staffing Coordinator to serve the community as a translator and coordinate job placements. After years of working with the underserved and vulnerable groups, his efforts continue to include projects that will improve health, education, and social outcomes for Mississippi’s populations.

Long's work is supported in part by MAFES.