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Using the state's varied resources and human capital to meet the needs of our children in new and creative ways paves the way for a brighter economic outlook for Mississippi and ensures the best possible environments for children.
Dr. Linda Southward, Social Science Research Center



Shared information and collaboration can be the most useful tools in efforts to improve the lives of children. MS KIDS COUNT has provided the following list of resources in order to increase awareness of efforts on behalf of children and to connect those seeking information with available sources. The views of the following groups do not necessarily represent those of the MS KIDS COUNT program and/or the Annie E. Casey Foundation.


Featured Resource:

  Cosby, A., Greenberg, R., Southward, L., & Weitzman, M. (Eds.). (2005). About children: an authoritative resource on the state of childhood today. Elk Grove Village, IL: American Academy of Pediatrics.
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Collaboration Between MS KIDS COUNT And Harvard Law School Students:

In the fall of 2008, Harvard Law School graduate Emily Broad became the Director of the Delta Directions Consortium. The Delta Directions Consortium is an interdisciplinary group of individuals from academic institutions and foundations that collaborate to create transformational change in the Mississippi Delta region by improving public health and promoting economic development. As support for this position, Emily is also a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Mississippi State University Social Science Research Center (SSRC) and the Delta Clinical Fellow supported by the Winokur Family Foundation at Harvard Law School. In addition, Emily helps to coordinate Harvard Law students to work on various health and economic development projects with community partners in Mississippi. Students are involved in projects either as part of clinical programs for which they receive course credit, or as pro bono volunteers.

In January 2009, one law student in Harvard Law School’s Child Advocacy Program was placed with the Family and Children’s Research Unit at the SSRC to work on policy briefs for Mississippi KIDS COUNT. In this externship, the student helped to translate statistical information from the KIDS COUNT data book into policy recommendations aimed at reaching state legislators and other policymakers. This project was expanded in the fall of 2009 to include additional law school students. The following policy papers are the work product that came about from this collaboration between Mississippi KIDS COUNT and the Harvard Law School. This project is ongoing, and law students will continue to work on policy recommendations and briefs for Mississippi KIDS COUNT.

2012 Articles

Child Abuse


2010/2011 Articles

Early Care and Education


Healthy Schools

High School Graduation Rates

2008/2009 Articles

Mississippi Mental Health Services for Children: An Overview (Victoria C. Smith)

Mental Health Introduction (Maggie Francis)

Maternal Depression: Issue Brief (Victoria C. Smith)

An Introduction to the Issue of Teen Pregnancy (Amanda Klemas, Susan Millenky, Eleanor Simon, and Victoria C. Smith)

An Introduction to the Issue of Low Birth Weight (Maggie Francis and Victoria C. Smith)

Birth Outcomes Introduction (Eleanor Simon)


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